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Hector Bosa is trying to make a difference In Staten Island, NY Public Access Cable Programming by featuring performers, musicians, speakers, and videos from all genres of the entertainment spectrum. He is bringing REAL entertainment to his viewers by exposing them to acts and speakers they wouldn't normally come across. Viva le difference!

We are currently looking for talented artists, such as sexy female Co-Hosts, models, fashion designers, photographers, dancers, comedians, directors, all types of talented singers and bands, videos of live performances, events, music videos, sports, and non-sports figures.

There is no pay involved, but you will have citywide exposure for your venue through the show's airing on FIOS throughout the five boroughs.



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Hector Bosa

       For the past three years, the multi-talented Mr. Hector Bosa has been making a difference through his show, "The Home Invaders Variety Show",  by showcasing performers, musicians, speakers,  authors, artists, and videos from all genres of the entertainment spectrum . He presents REAL entertainment to his viewers by exposing them to acts and speakers they wouldn't normally come across.
       Hector got his start in college radio, and went on to work for WLIR-1300 AM, and then WKTU doing broadcasting as well as promotions. He went on to co-host a live weekly sports talk show for the past four years called "In The Bleachers", with fellow host, Jamie Hixson.  He has been hosting and providing color commentary  with Mr. Hixson on the wrestling show called "Independent Wrestling Highlights" for over a year now. He also makes an appearance as a gallery owner, Carlo, in the movie  "Story About Ian".

For more information on Hector and his show, visit him at

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"Home Invaders" is a 1 hour variety show.

Airtime: Every Sunday at 11 PM Eastern Time
Time Warner Cable: Channel 34
Verzion FIOS: Channel 34

The show is taped on the 3rd Saturday of Every Month.
Time: 2 To 6pm

If you are interested in appearing on the show, or being an audience member, please contact us at
Home Invaders

Take care, and God bless.

Hardest, Baddest, And Sexiest Man On Cable Access TV,
Mr. Home Invader Himself,

Mr. Hector Bosa




   Contact Us

If you'd like to contact "The Home Invaders Variety Show",

please send any DVDs, videos, or press kits to:

Hector Bosa
c/o CTV
100 Cable Way
Staten Island, NY 10303

Thank you.





Aug. 1, 2011



"Home Invaders Variety Show" is happy to announce that we are working with Diane King  of "". We just finished taping a show with talent from GotEntertainment, and it will be airing next week. Watch this page for more information and clips.



The famous Debbie D!

Hector Bosa was interviewed again recently by the renowned host,  Evan Ginzburg on his Internet talkshow, "Legends Radio".  You can listen Evan's interviews with Hector here:

Interview from April 20, 2011 - HERE.

Interview from June 23, 2010 - HERE.

A warm thank you to Mr. Ginzburg these interviews, and his insightful questions and commentary. Check him out... you won't be disappointed.


From the website of the multi-talented songwriter/ producer/ entrepreneur,

Michele Mupo:

" Dawn Marie and Michele Mupo (Fuchsia) will be appearing on "Home Invaders" a 1 hour variety show. taping an interview at the Staten Island Studio from 2pm-6pm. They will be sharing their experiences while filming "Story About Ian", and Michele will be singing Keep The Peace and a few other favorites. "

From the website of former ECW and WWE Superstar Diva,

Dawn Marie:

On Saturday, April 16th at the Staten Island Studio in Staten Island, Hector Bosa, the host and creator of "The Home Invaders Variety Show" will be taping his April episode with special guests that include singer/songwriter Michele Mupo/Fuchsia and former WWE Diva Dawn Marie .

On that episode Hector will be talking to Michele and Dawn Marie about the independent short film "A Story About Ian," which they happen to make a guest appearance in. Hector will also be showing on that episode clips from "A Story About Ian" and the Dean Rodderick commercial that appears in the film, that both Michele and Dawn Marie are in. Hector will also be talking to Dawn Marie about her wrestling career and future plans. In addition, Hector will be talking to Michele Mupo about her music career and future plans. On that episode Michele will also be talking about her supporting role in the horror short film, "Clive Unger's Madame X," as well as the Friday June 17th party for the film, where she will be singing at. Also, on the April episode, Michele Mupo will be singing some of her songs like "Keep the Peace." The April episode of the Home Invaders Variety show is one episode not to be missed."

Hector Bosa was mentioned on the Feb. 9, 2011 episode of "Ring Fever" on Blog Talk Radio. He will also be a guest on the show in the near future. Check back for the details!

Check out the episode here:

And don't forget to visit this their great website here:

News! Hector Bosa will be appearing in an upcoming movie! For more information, click "STORY ABOUT IAN" below.

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